[Notice of price revision for shavings products]

Thank you for always using our online shop.

The raw value of fish, which is the raw material for kegeribushi products, has been affected by a lack of catch, an increase in fishing costs such as labor costs and crude oil prices,
In addition, the supply is completely insufficient to meet the demand that will return as the coronavirus pandemic subsides, and the raw value of each fish species for seaweed processing is
It remains high at an all-time high of 150% to 300%,
The entire industry is in an unprecedented state of crisis.

Under such circumstances,
Although we have been working on streamlining and increasing efficiency of our operations,
Beyond the limit that can be absorbed through corporate efforts alone,
It is becoming difficult to maintain the current price.
In order to maintain a sustainable supply system,
Although it is extremely disappointing,
We would like to revise the price of shaved bonito flakes.
It is up to you to make your request.

We will continue to reduce overhead costs, improve productivity, etc.
Working on rationalization and cost reduction,
We will continue to make further efforts to ensure stable supply and maintain quality.
We kindly ask for your understanding and understanding after considering the various circumstances.
Thank you very much.

Implementation date: From shipments from August 1, 2023

The target products are as follows.

Product name/standard New price (tax included) Current price (tax included)
Top cut 500g ¥1,188 ¥1,026
Kyoto Encounter 20g x 7 bags ¥972 ¥864
No12 dashi 200g ¥540 ¥388
No15 dashi pack 20g x 4 bags ¥405 ¥356

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