[About Kyoto Bonito Special Zenzai Price Revision]

Thank you for always using our online shop.

“Kyoto Bonito Special Zenzai” is loved by everyone.
The prices of raw materials ``adzuki beans'' and ``sugar'' continue to soar,
We will be revising the price at this time.

We use azuki beans from Hokkaido,
Due to the unseasonable weather that occurs every year (long rains during the rainy season, etc.), the results are not good.
Stockpiled stock is running out, and the price of sugar is soaring.
Along with this, the main reason is the rising cost of packaging materials.

We have tried to maintain the current prices, but the situation has become extremely difficult.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but after considering the circumstances,
Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

The implementation timing and revised prices are as follows.

Implementation period: From Saturday, October 1, 2022

Revised price: The price will increase by 33 yen per bag.

5 bags for ¥1,366 (tax included).

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